Friday, March 19, 2010

Lose It! - iPhone/iPod Diet Program That Also Helps LS/LF Diets

"There's an App for That!"

The iPhone craze has created some interesting new technology. I was at a party recently and met a former work colleague who I hadn't seen in several years. She proudly pointed to her 6 month old daughter and later mentioned how she used an app on her iPhone to time and log labor contractions. Yes, there is an app for that also!

Lose It! is an app that works on both iPhones and the less expensive Apple iPod touch units. It is clearly intended for weight loss dieters since the first thing it asks you is your weight loss goal. It basically allows you to log your food consumption and then tracks the nutrients you have consumed. The screen shot at left shows how you enter food. While the database is limited, it is amazingly broad including fruits, vegetables, common home made dishes, prepared foods, and chain restaurant items. There is a way to add "recipes" for items that are not in the database and that you eat often. In addition to calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium are tracked.

You can then also see your daily and weekly totals of nutrients.

The basic software is free! Of course you need an iPhone or iPod Touch but these have other uses and are cheaper than other diet tracking hardware which is less functional and usually less useful for the LS/LF dieter.

You can even download your data to you computer for analysis.

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