Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hell Freezes Over! (NY Times and AZ Republic Agree on Salt Issue)

The February 14, 2010 Arizona Republic, the paper owned by Dan Quayle's family and one of the most right wing papers in the country had a front page article agreeing with the NY Times, on the opposite end of the political spectrum, on the need to reduce salt in diets.

We have had several posts quoting from the Times on New York City's recent salt campaign. So this new article shows that it is not a left wing conspiracy and has geographic support outside of NYC.

The article announces that the Republican state government is also taking action:
This week, the Arizona Department of Health Services is announcing an initiative to educate residents about how much sodium they are consuming and encourage them to eat less. The campaign ties in to a national movement being driven by New York City to encourage food manufacturers and restaurants to cut the sodium in their products by 25 percent over the next five years...The program is modeled after a similar effort in Britain, where daily sodium intake was reduced by about 9 percent from 2001 to 2008. Arizona has joined the initiative, pledging to support New York City's effort. Other participants include California, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Chicago and Seattle.
The article got a lot of comments on the Republic's web site. As one might imagine, some of these comments fervently express views colored by the writers' political bent. But health should not be a partisan divisive issue.

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