Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Low Salt Vendor Website

A few days after the last post urging readers to consider buying from low salt web sites, I noticed a new entrant in this field: Boulder CO's Low Salt Market. This location in the Southwest probably will result in low shipping costs to potential customers in the West over the other stores which are located in Minnesota, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Their website lists a variety of low salt products. All factory packaged products have full FDA nutrition information on the website. However, bulk products, specifically nuts and granola, have no nutrition information at all. Presumably they are low salt. But readers on LS/LF diets have to be aware that nuts are high in fat and must be consumed in moderation. Granolas are usually - but not always - high in fat and there is not indication whether any of the 8 types sold are low in fat.

So, we welcome Low Salt Market and hope that they improve their nutrition information on bulk products and pay more attention to those consumers who need LS/LF diets.

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  1. Definitely a site to check out for great organic and low sodium foods.