Sunday, September 6, 2009

Buying Breakfast Cereal at IKEA?

IKEA is an Swedish-based company best known for its large stores that sell mainly furniture requiring some final assembly. (I think I have assembled at least 30 pieces myself to date.)

It is not the obvious place for food shopping, but as part of their quirky image each store has a small boutique next to the checkout area with mainly Swedish produced food products. They have 36 stores in the US, out of a total of 231 stores in 24 countries.

On a recent visit I was pleasantly surprised to see the finax Nordix Muesli shown at left on sale for $4.29 for a 22 oz. package. finax is a new Swedish company which conveniently has a website in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, but not English.

As shown in the nutrition label at right, this cereal is really healthy stuff for a LS/LF diet and a pleasant change from other cereals produced by Fortune 500 companies. It also tastes good.

This cereal has a small amount of added salt, but is still much lower in salt than almost all other cereals on the US market as well as being low in fat. There is another version, in an orange package, that has nuts added so has a somewhat higher fat level than the green package shown.

So while this might not be worth a long trip, if you are passing a local branch of IKEA you might want to try the cereal. They also sell several types of traditional Swedish flat bead that is low in salt and fat. It is really more like a cracker than normal bread in the US - but LS/LF crackers are also hard to find.

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